The Social and Emotional Side of Allergies
On January 29th, the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group (TAEG) welcomed Dr. Audrey Huberman to speak about the social and emotional challenges of living with children who are at risk for anaphylaxis. Audrey Huberman is a Doctor of Education and has extensive academic and practical experience in education, child development, parenting and psychology.

Her talk focused on the different ways you can use constructive thought, mood and behaviour to help meet specific goals. For example, thinking that you are in control and that people care about your needs is a more positive and successful approach than thinking you are at the mercy of others who don’t care or understand your situation. Dr. Huberman spoke about how important it was for children to attend school, participate in indoor and outdoor activities, go to friends’ homes and birthday parties so they can develop trust, independence, and a positive sense of self.

In order to safely enjoy activities outside of home, she suggested that parents practice writing scripts that begin and end with positive comments, while placing the important information with details of your child’s allergy and emergency action plan in the middle. She also provided us with samples of useful responses to comments from other people which may seem insensitive or inappropriate.

For more information and to view Dr. Huberman’s power point presentation in full from the meeting, visit the TAEG website.

By Jane Holden