Sabrina's Law
In May 2005, the Ontario government passed into law, Bill 3: An Act to Protect Anaphylactic Pupils, which affects all publicly funded schools in Ontario. Named "Sabrina's Law" in honour of Sabrina Shannon, the law became effective January 1, 2006. This law requires that every school board in Ontario establish and maintain an anaphylaxis policy. It also requires that principals develop individual plans for pupils at risk of anaphylaxis. It is the first legislation in the world to protect children with life theatening allergies.

Download a copy of Sabrina's Law at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website.

Sabrina's Law DVD

A documentary produced by Lank/Beach Productions, Merit Motion Pictures and The National Film Board of Canada. The film, completed in 2007, profiles the story of 13 year old allergy advocate, Sabrina Shannon, who died in September 2003 from an anaphylactic reaction while at school.

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Sabrina Shannon's Story

Sabrina Shannon was an inspirational teenager who tragically suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction during her first year of high school in 2003. The trigger of the reaction was determined to be dairy protein - likely the result of cross- contamination from tongs used for poutine, after she ordered French fries from her school cafeteria.

Her parents, Mike Shannon and Sara Shannon, have kept Sabrina's spirit alive by advocating for safer school environments. Sabrina's Law, landmark legislation passed in Ontario in 2005, continues to influence school board policies in Canada.

The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

In 2010, Anaphylaxis Canada launched its first annual Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award. Two $1,000 awards are given to the two applicants who have made exceptional efforts to raise awareness about severe allergies and anaphylaxis in their school or community.

For more information or to apply for The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award, visit

Sabrina Radio Documentary

Sabrina Shannon recorded a first-person radio documentary about living with food allergies titled "A Nutty Tale". The documentary was aired in May 2001 on CBC Radio, two years before Sabrina's tragic death from an anaphylactic reaction at her high school.

Sabrina's spirit lives on through this documentary, which serves as a touching memory of the beautiful life that Sabrina lived and the legacy she leaves behind.

Listen to "A Nutty Tale".