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Anaphylaxis Canada offers a range of educational services through trained representatives including staff, consultants, and volunteers. (Please note that a fee applies for these services.)

Online Anaphylaxis Education - Coming Soon

Anaphylaxis Canada is raising funds to deliver free online food allergy and anaphylaxis education to Canadians. Our new online course will provide 24/7 access to important information about preventing, recognizing and managing anaphylaxis, the most serious type of allergic reaction. Available in English and French, the course can help prepare people for allergic emergencies in their communities.

The new online courses will help prevent anaphylactic reactions and deaths, and improve quality of life forchildren and adults with life- threatening allergies and their families. It will also significantly increase the number of Canadians who can help prevent and respond effectively to an allergic emergency.

Anytime, Anyplace Learning
The online courses will be provided in a format which allows for self-paced learning and supports different learning styles. Courseinformation will be presented in plain language for better understanding and the easy-to-use tutorials will help to increase one’s knowledge, skills and confidence. Printable certificates of completion will be offered at the end of each course. Individuals can also revisit selected course sectionsat their convenie

Evidence-Based Information
Anaphylaxis Canada will be drawing upon the success of past collaborations with the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and software development company Leap Learning Technologies on the launch of an online course whichreceived two national training awards. The content of the new courses will be medically reviewed and based on the Canadian consensus document, Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings.

Greater Outreach
Online learning has the potential for reaching a greater number of people in more efficient and effective ways. Ongoing anaphylaxis education can help to improve the quality of life for at-risk children and their families, reduce the number of emergency department visits,and increase the number of Canadians who can help prevent and respond to emergency situations.

Join the Campaign – Donate Today!
The Campaign for the Online Anaphylaxis Education Course supports our mission to inform, support, educate and advocate for the needs of individuals and families living with anaphylaxis across the country. This initiative aligns well with other in-person educational programs offered by our organization to increase awareness, understanding and community support of a growing public health concern. Most importantly, it removes the barrier of cost and makes anaphylaxis education accessible to all Canadians for free, at the click of a mouse.

Training for the Food Industry

Anaphylaxis Canada is pleased to provide training for the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors. For more information on the type of training packages available please click here:

Health Care Professionals (groups)

Anaphylaxis Canada provides training to healthcare professionals who are interested in offering educational services within their own organizations and communities.

We engage our learners by providing many hands-on opportunities to use presentation materials and auto-injector devices and review case studies that are relevant for their situations.

This half-day session is appropriate for healthcare professionals, such as nurses, certified asthma educators, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and those who are responsible for health and safety in their workplace and schools.

To arrange for training for you and your colleagues or to learn whether there is an upcoming public session in your area, please contact:

Laura Bantock, Director, Western Region
1-877-322-9378 or 250-314-4814
Contact by email