About the Corporate Partners Program
Since 2005, we have been working closely with our corporate partners to help protect the allergic community.

Our Partners Program is an innovative and unique offering within the Canadian marketplace. The program was developed so that corporations could work with us on issues that have a direct impact on their business, issues that also affect our membership. Our aim is to help companies understand and respond to the needs of allergic consumers.

Through our database, companies can reach a growing market with important messages about their products and policies. We offer consumer updates, planning sessions and consultation services on industry issues and product development initiatives. We also provide information on market trends, research, policies and consumer behavior.

Our program offers partnership packages at the Industry, Community, and Program Partner levels.

Why Work With Us?

Anaphylaxis Canada is committed to building lasting relationships with our partners to ensure that they are supported in their allergy-related initiatives. We work closely with them to help build connections with allergic consumers and those that care for them within the community.

Partnership with Anaphylaxis Canada provides organizations with many opportunities to give back and show their commitment to their customers.

Organizations find our program to be advantageous in many ways:
  • We reach thousands of allergic individuals and their families with information on important new product offerings and resources.
  • We work with companies to develop customized campaigns and programs that meet their business objectives.
  • Our brand is recognized in the community as professional and credible. Employees, customers and stakeholders recognize and trust us.
  • We are a national organization with support groups across Canada.