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Hallowe'en Tips for Staying Safe

October 24, 2013

Dear Members,

Hallowe'en is right around the corner! As the kids get ready to have some fun, remember some key rules to keep them “allergy-safe” while trick-or-treating this year.

For parents of children at-risk:

  • Serve a hearty dinner before going out so children will be less tempted to snack while out
  • Remind them about the “no snacking” rule while trick-or-treating
  • Make sure an adult is with younger children at all times
  • Get the kids to carry their auto-injector (EpiPen® or Allerject™) with them and wear MedicAlert® identification Check all treats
    ⇒ Get your kids to wash their hands as soon as they get home
    ⇒ Have them read labels (you should double check) and get them to sort into piles - keep, give away, throw out
    ⇒ They should not keep unlabelled candies
    ⇒ Consider donating the extra treats to your local food bank
For the community:
  • Ask when kids come to the door: “Does anyone have a food allergy?”
  • Be prepared – have food packages/labels nearby, so you can check ingredients if asked
  • Think outside the candy box – have non-candy treats, such as stickers and pencils, in case your treats are not suitable for kids with certain allergies
We wish you all a happy and safe Hallowe'en! Anaphylaxis Canada

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