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The POWER of 2

Get Ready… Get Set…. DONATE!

Anaphylaxis Canada is pleased to announce The Power of 2 Indy Edition has just been launched as part of our Summer of TAG campaign!

Starting today, professional Indy race car drivers, Alex Tagliani and Scott Dixon will battle it out for their favourite charity - who can raise the most money through the Power of 2 (an online charity challenge pitting two celebrities against each other) The Canadian, Tagliani, who has severe food allergies himself, is supporting Anaphylaxis Canada, while Dixon, a New Zealand native, is supporting two groups that focus on young people living with cancer, CanTeen (NZ) and Teens Living with Cancer (US).

How you can help: Help Alex win the challenge for Anaphylaxis Canada by donating online today at You can donate as many times as you like and send the link to your friends and family, too. All donations made to team Alex by 8pm (EST), Thursday, July 18th will help decide the Power of 2 winner.

The Bet: All of the designated charities receiving the donations will end up winners, but the celebrity who loses the challenge will have to perform a very public dare. Tagliani and Dixon both call Indianapolis, Indiana home, so the loser of this Power of 2 competition has agreed to dress up in costume and ride around the grounds of the Indiana State Fair on a tricycle! Alex, being a true Canadian, will wear a beaver costume if he loses, while Scott, will don a Sheep Costume, a signature animal of New Zealand, if he loses. Needless to say, neither driver wants to finish second.

The Prize: You could also win a signed Tagliani or Dixon racing helmet and a personal phone/Skype call with them! Every time you donate or share this campaign, you will earn an entry into this exciting draw!

Anaphylaxis Canada would like to thank Alex Tagliani for choosing us as his charity of choice for this challenge.

The Power of 2 is a PUBLIC Inc., ( initiative focused on unlocking celebrity reach for social good. Thank you to PUBLIC for their development and support of this initiative.

Click here to view the press release for the Power of 2

Your support is very much appreciated!

Laurie Harada
Executive Director

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