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Recap of our Difference Makers Campaign

Our recent Difference Makers Campaign celebrated everyday Canadians who understand the seriousness of allergies and make an effort to keep those at risk safe. The goal of the campaign was to spread allergy awareness during Food Allergy Awareness Month by recognizing and promoting all of the positive initiatives that are happening in our communities. Nominees were each sent a certificate of appreciation and a note of encouragement to keep up the great work as they are truly making a difference.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who nominated a Difference Maker and congratulate all of our nominees. We had a great variety of people nominated from teachers to chefs, allergists, loved ones, friends and more. Below is a selection of Difference Maker submissions from several categories.


I would like to recognize my four-year-old son’s JK teacher. I was nervous to allow him to attend school not only because he is so young but because of his severe nut allergies. She, as well as the other staff at the school have protected my boy and continue to protect him. I'm humbled that my son can safely attend school and he loves to be there. In the office and staff rooms are posters and pictures of all of the children that need special attention due to allergies and health problem. I love that each teacher and staff member knows what the children’s needs are in case of an emergency.

Nominated by BB


Shelagh is a wonderful baker. She has made birthday cakes for my kids for a couple of years that are delicious as well as nut-free. We recently had a friend with egg and milk allergies as a guest for a birthday and Shelagh found a recipe that would also be free of those. It's so nice to have the allergic kids included with everyone else. She has made many cookies, cupcakes, and other treats for my son. It's wonderful to have someone who "gets it"!

Nominated by TN


Dr. Ellis maintains an accessible presence on social media sites, which I find so important given the amount of incorrect and unsubstantiated information regarding allergies available. Additionally, she is currently involved in researching treatments for those with environmental allergies, something that can be very debilitating, even though it is not commonly discussed in that vein. Dr. Ellis has also completed her studies and conducts her research in Canada, which is inspiring and admirable. It's so important for research of all kinds to be done in Canada. She seems like a great role model for children who may become interested in immunology due to their personal experiences and a trustworthy resource for adults.

Nominated by TJ


Tazmeen is relentless in her pursuit to generate in others compassion for children at risk of anaphylaxis. She has volunteered countless hours educating hundreds of parents, caregivers and educators on recognizing and dealing with a potential anaphylaxis event. Her strength of character, unwavering focus and passion moves every mother she meets. A true advocate, she inspires in others courage to act and protect those with severe food allergies.

Nominated by TR


To commemorate Food Allergy Awareness Month, I would like to nominate my wife, Diana Brock as a true Difference Maker in the Allergy community. At the age of 20 months, our son Evan suffered a severe allergic reaction to a speck of peanut butter from his brother’s sandwich. Since that single event over 17 years ago, through diligence in our household, education in his schools and teaching Evan to take personal responsibility for his own safety, Diana has done everything necessary to keep him reaction free ever since. Diana has also worked with allergy communities in both Montreal and the GTA and has helped implement allergy policies for local schools and day care centres. She has devoted hundreds of hours in classrooms in countless elementary schools, educating students about food allergies. Even when our son left for university, she continued her personal mission by writing and publishing an educational tool to help disseminate the same information she imparted during her classroom sessions. The Best Audience is now available in dozens of schools across Canada and the U.S., and has shown up as far away as China. Her voice has become a truly global one. She has really made a difference.

Nominated by SB

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