Anaphylaxis Canada is pleased to be a resource to journalists. For information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Beatrice Povolo
Director, Marketing & Communications
Anaphylaxis Canada
1-866-785-5660 / (416) 785-5666
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Christopher Holcroft
Empower Consulting


Laurie Harada
Executive Director

Laurie joined the organization in 2003 and is responsible for building partnerships with government, industry, healthcare professionals and allergy associations internationally. As our national spokesperson, Laurie has helped to increase public understanding of food allergy and anaphylaxis and is a regular columnist for Allergic Living magazine. She has been instrumental in many national initiatives, including the passing of Sabrina's Law, the writing of Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings, and advocating successfully for improved food labelling. She has a personal connection to food allergies, as one of her two children has multiple food allergies.

Beatrice Povolo
Director, Marketing & Communications

Beatrice began volunteering with us in 2005 as Chair of the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group, after one of her three children was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. She joined Anaphylaxis Canada in 2007 and currently manages our marketing and communications initiatives. Beatrice acts as project lead on many allergy-related issues within the community such as food labelling, airline travel, and media.

Laura Bantock
Director, Western Region

Laura is responsible for Anaphylaxis Canada's western office, in Kamloops, British Columbia. She provides regional support to the western provinces and territories and delivers training programs to healthcare professionals in B.C. and Alberta. She is also involved in developing a program for parents of newly diagnosed food allergic children. A retired Registered Nurse who practiced in both the United Kingdom and in British Columbia, Laura's career has focused on child development and preventative health education. She has two teenagers, one of them a daughter with food allergies and asthma. Laura was a founding member and leader of a local support group, and a member of the BC Provincial Anaphylaxis Advisory Committee and the BC Provincial Anaphylaxis Evaluation Committee.