The Allergy Information Service
The Allergy Information Service is our electronic information service. Through it, we reach thousands of households each year and distribute important information that is needed quickly.

You can sign up free of charge to receive email updates that are of interest to you on:
  • product recalls
  • corporate sponsor updates and messages
  • trends in school policies
  • food labelling
  • research
  • news on advocacy efforts related to airlines and other hot topics

How do I register? It's easy

Anyone can sign up for this service, including individuals, schools, camps, media and medical professionals.

Please fill out the information below to join the Allergy Information Service. When you submit this information, you will receive confirmation of your submission along with a username and password.

The growing number of registrants in our Allergy Information Service helps Anaphylaxis Canada show how severe allergies greatly affect our lives. This is important for our work with schools, the food industry, media and the medical community. For privacy, we do not share personal information, and we do not sell our list of registrants to anyone.