31 Tips for Parents

For every day of Food Allergy Awareness Month, members of our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) will be sharing tips for parents of allergic youth. The group worked hard on a diverse list of advice with the common theme of working with your child to prepare them to become responsible for their own allergies.

Our YAP members got creative with their tips and have taken various pictures of themselves holding signs displaying their advice. By putting faces to the information they hope parents will gain knowledge and insight from the campaign knowing that these are real tips coming from real youth.

The tips will be posted daily on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Be sure to follow us in order to view all of the tips throughout the month. We encourage you to share these pictures across your networks so we can spread this helpful information far and wide. By the end of the campaign we will have all of the pictures available as a complete resource on www.whyriskit.ca and www.anaphylaxis.ca.

Here is a sample of a few of the 31 tips that will be shared:

  • "Help us learn to be our own advocate for our allergies, allow us when we're young to practice explaining our allergies to others whether that be friends or waiters at restaurants."

  • "You can still do your research, but let us do ours first. If we are planning on a trip, encourage us to think through all of our planning by ourselves. Feel free to double-check with us to make sure we haven't forgotten anything."

For more information about our Youth Advisory Panel and all of the resources they have created for allergic youth, please visit www.whyriskit.ca .


By Kyle Dine

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