As educators and caregivers, you play an important role in safeguarding a growing number of children at risk of anaphylaxis.

To assist you with this important task, we have created a number of resources that will increase your understanding of anaphylaxis and provide you with classroom materials to help educate children. We can also point you to helpful information from other organizations. For all the basics about anaphylaxis please read Anaphylaxis 101 to help you get started.

Children with severe allergies benefit when they feel that others are mindful of their situation, ready to respond in an emergency, and when they are treated with respect. Like all other children, they just want to fit in.

As classmates learn about their allergic friend's condition they often become proud "allergy ambassadors", watching out for their peer and educating their own parents and others about how to keep their friend safe.

You will find, too, that as you learn more, you will gain confidence in your ability to manage anaphylaxis. To inquire about our programs and services, contact our Director, Western Region for more information.

Anaphylaxis Canada thanks you for helping keep kids with severe allergies safe!

Some of the information in this section has been adapted from: Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings, Copyright © 2005-2011 Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.