What we do
Anaphylaxis Canada helps people live safely. First and foremost we help individuals understand and manage their allergies better.

We do this in the following ways:


  • Contact us. We have trained staff available to answer your questions.
  • We have affiliated Support Groups which run in local communities across the country.

The Allergy Information Service

Through our electronic Allergy Information Service, we reach thousands of households each year and distribute important information that is needed quickly.
You can sign up free of charge to receive email updates that are of interest to you on:
  • product recalls
  • corporate sponsor updates and messages
  • trends in school policies
  • food labelling
  • research
  • news on advocacy efforts related to airlines and other hot topics

Anyone can sign up for this service, including individuals, schools, camps, media and medical professionals.

How do I register? It's easy

Inform & Educate:

To help everyone get the facts about anaphylaxis we:

We educate and train in the community through these programs:

We offer many resources and products:
  • auto-injector trainers
  • classroom posters
  • books
  • videos


Anaphylaxis Canada has helped to create a stronger voice for Canadians at risk of anaphylaxis. As a leader in the allergy community, we have worked with many other groups and gained the support of thousands of individuals across the country. By making our views known to government, the travel industry and food companies, we have helped make Canada a safer place for those at risk.

We have seen an increase in public understanding of food allergy and anaphylaxis and improved policies in schools and daycares. We successfully lobbied to get food labelling legislation passed. With the new rules, it will be easier for food-allergic consumers to make informed choices about foods which are safe or which they should avoid.

While Anaphylaxis Canada has played an important role in these efforts, positive change has only come about because of the work of many. While we can speak as an organization for many, your individual comments and stories count for a lot especially with decision-makers who are drafting policies.


We are proud of our participation in research. Since 2001, we have given more than $1 million to fund research projects and thousands of dollars of "in-kind" support. Through The Allergy Information Service we help Canadian researchers find people to participate in studies across the country. For more information about ongoing studies and research see our Research section.

If you have questions or concerns about participating in a specific research study, we suggest you speak directly with the research coordinator and/or your doctor. Get more information about ongoing research studies.